I am an easy going type of guy. Somehow unconventional, but I really love to be with people. Photography is my passion, my obsession and my meditation.
In contrast to the big commercial provider of tours I dedicate my tours individually to my guests.
Visiting Thailand for almost 25 years, living in Sukhothai permanently since 2008 and being married to a Thai wife for 25 years has given me an advanced knowledge about Thai social habits and behavior. I am very familiar with the regional culture. It is my pleasure to bring different cultures together and get my participants in touch with the locals living in rural areas off the tourist track. Be sure that I do know the best photography spots in this area. 
Sukhothai´s ancient city provides great Subjects for photography. A challenge to your photographic skills and perfect to train ones composition.  Let me take you to the most photogenic spots at the Historical Park of Sukhothai. Enjoy photographing the very ancient chedi in this peaceful and quite environment. Feel the touch of history.
The Rhamkamhaeng National Park is a great place for landscape photography.The time limited Traveller will get a chance to observe the countryside of Sukhothai. I guide you to locations you would not discover in a limited time. Join me to photograph spectacular landscapes of the Savannah in front of the Khao Luang Mountain range in the morning and evening light.
To meet the locals is always an adventure. Come in touch with the Thai farmers and cattle drovers who almost still live the ancient way. Get to know their living conditions and have the chance to take unique personal photographs. 
Beside German and English I do speak Thai. Your questions have no limitations.
Would you like to know how to make your photographs to stand out through digital post processing. From the simple basic to advanced tricks a private lesson always helps.
Do you prefer the work in a studio or would like to do your first steps? From portraiture to nude photography with a private model, everything can be arranged in a studio in Bangkok.
My photographic activity is not limited to Sukhothai but is focused on central Thailand. Please let me know your intentions. I will be happy to explore the country with you.
I am very flexible to customize our tour to your personal concern. Do you struggle with the technical aspects of your equipment. Would you like to enhance your photographic skills or just enjoy the scenery and taking great shots. Just name it. There is time to talk about photography all day long.
Do you need assistance to find the right accommodation? I am happy to arrange various places in different price categories for you.
I have been around with a camera for some 30 years. The fun does never decrease. It is my pleasure to work with people from all over the world and share my knowledge with fellow photographers of all levels. I would love to have you on my photography tours. Feel free to join in. I am happy to see you.
itinerary and booking
To provide our tour comfortable and personal I try to keep the number of participants to 2-4 persons. However I have had great times with larger groups and if you are a big family or group of friends we sure will have a fantastic tour. Lets make your holidays fun to a reasonable price.

In Sukhothai we will be on tour for about 6 hours. The usual schedule for the day is 3 hours in the morning and another 3 hours in the evening as it provides the best light for photography. In the heat of the middle of the day we take a break.

The daily rate in the province of Sukhothai amounts 3500,- THB per person. The daily rate has to be paid before the tour starts. To avoid bank transfer service fees from your origin country I am happy for you to pay in person when we meet or wire into my local Thai account while you are in the country.

included: a Snack on the road in the morning and soft drinks as well as all transports to locations
excluded: entry fees (Historical Park/ National Park), alcoholic beverages, meals, lodging, transfer on /off Sukhothai

I am happy to pick you up at the Sukhothai Airport (500,- THB fee) or at the Pitsanulok Airport (750,-  THB fee)
With a number of participants less then 2 person I charge an extra fee of 500,- THB for "Kerosene". No problem, single person are welcome.

I would like to suggest to arrive the evening before our tour to talk about our tour and start early in the morning. The early morning and the afternoon until sundown provides the most beautiful light for landscape photography. Naturally the time schedule is flexible to your personal topic.

I am happy to arrange your hotel in advance and send you various offer to choose from (500,- THB fee).

Please be aware that you have to arrange your own medical insurance as you usually do in your holidays. 

Sukhothai themes:
1. the Historical Park and the surrounding temple sites
2. interaction with the locals in the countryside
3. landscapes
The Historical Park is best to see in the morning to photograph the chedi and in the evening for a unique sunset shot at Wat Mahathat. The Park may be combined with theme 2 and 3 but does not leave much time for it on a single day.  Back in the hotel we may review our photography.
digital post processing lesson:
Usually the rate for a digital post processing lesson is adequate to the tour price. However depending on the amount of time and the number of participants it is negotiable. 

Studio photography in Bangkok: 
Portrait, fashion, nude as you desire. Several models are available. Prices according to agreement.

Please contact me if you would like to go elsewhere in Thailand. I am open for any suggestion and be happy to explore the country with you.
You have questions before or after your booking? Just get in touch.
To place a booking request please use the form below, send me an e mail directly or feel free to call me +66 825161090

Thank you!
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